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Enquiries related to reward delivery

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Q: How do we register?

A: Interested organisations and individuals can register through the event website ( at designated organisation and individual enrolment pages. You will be redirected to a registration form and you are required to fill in relevant information.

Q: When is the registration deadline?

A: The registration period is from 5 Oct 2022 10:00 (GMT +08) to 31 Oct 2022 23:59 (GMT +08). Individual registration has a limited quota and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q: What is a organisation code?

A: After successful registration of the organisation, a designated organisation code will be provided to the organisation contact person. Their employees can then register through the individual enrolment page of the event website and key in the organisation code to represent their organisation to strive for awards.

Q: Can I join with more than one organisation?

A:Each participant can only key in one organisation code to represent one organisation in the event.

Counting steps and synchronization of step counts

Q: What step counting mobile applications or devices are supported in this Challenge?

A: Participant can use Apple Health for iOS and Google Fit for Android or Garmin devices (linked with Garmin Connect account) to record the steps accumulated during the Challenge period.

Q: How do we synchronise the step count record?

A: Log in to your Run2gather mobile application. Please visit here for details.


Q: Who would be eligible for the rewards?

A: We encourage participants to meet the daily step goal of 10,000 steps a day. However, individual participants meeting 80% of the step goal (i.e. achieving 8,000 steps a day) would be eligible for the rewards.

Q: Can I choose the style of medal?

A: No, the medal will be distributed by the organiser.

Q: When can we collect the medal and rewards?

A: A notification email in regards to the collection of rewards will be sent to the participants who successfully complete the event requirements.

Q: How do we collect the medals and rewards?

A: During enrolment, individual participant will choose a preferred pickup location. After the Challenge, individual participants who are eligible for the rewards will be informed via emails and the rewards will be delivered to the chosen pickup location.